Tisha Starr is a Chicago based writer and social media manager who professes that her "love of the arts has a strong hold on my life." Since the arrival of social media, Tisha took a special interest in it; researching trends & consumer behaviors. She witnessed many people bypassing the publishing industry and its critics to pursue self-publishing. It proved to be very lucrative for some. It was then that she decided to let go of her fear of rejection and released her first book titled, "The Fear of Knowing". It was a success. With her social media skills and clever writing techniques, she set the internet ablaze. She released the follow-up, "Now that You Know" on May 21, 2016.

            Tisha Starr has a B.A. Degree in English Literature and is currently pursing her social media marketing certification. She is single, likes to travel, sing and spend quality time with family.

​            To learn more about Ms. Starr, contact her at authortishastarr@gmail.com or www.tishastarr.com.