Phyllis Robinson, has been a member of Chicago Black Authors Network for 5 years. She is a resident of Chicago, mother of two daughters and grandmother to a beautiful little girl. 

         Phyllis earned a BA and MS in Education from Chicago State University, and taught in Chicago Public Schools. She retired after 35 years of service.  Since her retirement, Phyllis has written and self-published seven adult books :

       "Chasing the Golden Butterfly"

       " Grace and Mercy Brought Us Through"

        "Royalty in a Cedar Box"

       " Never Give Up On Love"

​       "Ambra's Charm"

​       "Be Don't Just Seem to Be"​ 

        "Love’s Comfort and Joy."


       She has also written four children’s books:

      "Kitty Minnie’s Great Adventure"

       "Kitty Minnie’s New Friends"

       "Wishing on a New Moon"

       "Miss Alice’s Hero." 

     She also owns an online book and gift boutique called PJR BOOKS and GIFTS. Visit Phyllis at and email her at