Chicagao's Own-Printers Row 


1. Author a self or commercially published book

2. Pay Annual Dues (portion goes toward Printers Row)

3. Participate in monthly meetings 

4.  Participate in CBAN's Annual meeting usually held in November

5. Adhere to CBAN's Bylaws 


Our Members Hard at Work...


1. Vend at Printers Row (discounted price )

2. Participate in CBAN's Book Fairs and other  vending opportunities

3. Be featured on CBAN's Web Page

4. Connect to CBAN's Facebook and Twitter page

5. Connect your personal webpage to CBAN's webpage 

6. Present and or receive tips on writing and publishing 

7. Participate in CBAN's annual luncheon

​8. Vote on any business presented during meetings 

9. Hold office and serve on committee's