Mr. Ward is one of five children born to the late Rev. and Mrs. Isiah Paul Ward, Sr. in February 1944. He attended the Atlanta Public School System, Atlanta, Georgia and started his college education 1962. In 1963, he joined the United States Navy and after honorably serving his country for four years, he resumed his college education.Isiah received his undergraduate degree from Georgia State University in 1974 and a Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School in 1977. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and has served as a past president for the Mu Mu Lambda Chapter. He is a founding member of the Chicago Black Authors Network and serves as the Vice President. • He has authored the following seven nonfiction books:1. Universal Cosmic Messages for Courtship and Marriage 2. Wardisms for Self Development and Relationship Building 3. Wardisms Naked Truth for Successful Living 4. The Divine Ultimate Transformer- A Philosophy for Living 5. And The Word Is… A Compilation Of Wardisms6. Are You Mentally Healthy?7. The 'I AM' Wardisms Daily Affirmations Journal.

My name is Habeeba. I'm an author, married, and I have two hyperactive kids who drive me nuts. I'm also a special education teacher. To keep from driving off a cliff, I write.

In 2014, I landed a publishing deal for a book I wrote called, "The Love of Debbie La'treck," the first in a series. It's a story about Vivian, the mother of a ten-year-old named Debbie who she has taught how to read at a very early age, but without restrictions. The content of Debbie's books is causing Debbie to lose her grasp on reality. Vivian now has to get Debbie to face reality without sacrificing her love for reading.- The story is funny, with lots and lots of drama, and is written for 9 yrs to adult.  You can Pre-Order the story and Check out Chapter One here:

Felicia Madlock

Bonnie, a twenty plus years cancer survivor, a professional third generation Hair Weev Technician, designer and instructor grew up learning the family business of beauty and Hair Weev. Bonnie learned how to hair loom, (hand weft) human hair for weeving at the age of ten. Bonnie immediately began her professional career at Selena’s House of Beauty & School of Hair Weev Technology’s Chicago loop location. Bonnie had her own products, “E-Z Beautee Extraordinary Detangling Maintenance System” developed for the care of commercial and one’s own natural hair under her own company Beautee Inc.. She appeared in several trade magazines, ShopTalk, Salon Profiles, Elite, and was also included in the twenty sixth edition of “Who’s Who in the Midwest”.

After decades in the hair industry, she is now doing what she has longed to do…sharing her stories through writing. Bonnie Taylor- Williams is a Black Excellence Award winning author for non-fiction literature.

Raymond Smith believes that “Reading is Everything.” He received a Bachelor’s Degree in secondary English education from Chicago State University in 2006 and a Master’s Degree in reading from Olivet Nazarene University in 2012. Raymond found his safety in books early in his life. When his elementary teachers recognized Raymond completed his work before his peers, he was encouraged to move ahead with a book from the classroom library. It was then Raymond began to love reading. “Reading books changed my life and opened the world up to me,” he said. As a reading teacher, Raymond noticed many of his students did not value reading and were often unengaged with their school texts. That moment was the brainchild for Righteous Ray Ray’s Children’s book series.  The series now includes four books that are bursting with thought provoking, age appropriate questions, vocabulary, and a great story line. Raymond is now developing “Righteous Readers” and after school book club. To view Mr. Smith's work go to

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C. Lynn Williams remembers what it’s like to hate to get out of bed, because she wore so many hats and all she really wanted at that moment was to have time for herself. Many women struggle with balancing the demands of being a professional, a wife and a mother. While she’s heard that you cannot successfully have it all – she’s here to tell you that you can! Ms. Williams is the creator and founder of Finding Superwoman, a 12-week coaching curriculum for professional, executive or entrepreneurial women who are also wives and mothers. In addition to creating Finding Superwoman, C. Lynn has written a series of Staying Sane books that offer parents guidance in order to successfully nurture their youth, teens and adult children. While the books are helping parents have better relationships with their children, I realized that women like myself are still struggling with wanting to keep the love alive in their marriages, run successful businesses and be a great mother. She conducts classes and workshops about finding superwoman strategies that work. In this technologically complex culture, Ms. Williams’ follows a time-tested roadmap for family success. With today’s culture of social media and making women choose between running a corporation or having children, #FINDINGSUPERWOMAN is possible. Ms. Williams can be reached at CGWWBooks on Facebook and as @MsParentGuru on Twitter and Instagram. Her books can be purchased at:

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I have been a member of Chicago Black Authors Network for 5 years.
I am a resident of Chicago, mother of two daughters and grandmother to a beautiful little girl. Also, I am a  graduate of the Chicago Public Schools:  John D. Shoop Elementary, Morgan Park High School and Chicago State University, with a BA and MS in Education.  I taught in the Chicago Public Schools and retired after 35 years of service.  Since my retirement I have written and self-published five adult books : Chasing the Golden Butterfly, Grace and Mercy Brought Us  Through, Royalty in a Cedar Box, Never Give Up On Love and Love’s Comfort and Joy. I have also written four children’s books: Kitty Minnie’s Great Adventure, Kitty Minnie’s New Friends. Wishing on a New Moon, and Miss Alice’s Hero.  I own an online book and gift boutique called PJR BOOKS and GIFTS  My website is

Evan J. Roberts is an author, educator, and youth mentor. His mission is to create books, workshops, and programs that empower children, teens, and young adults. Over the past decade, Mr. Roberts has combined his teaching, coaching, and mentoring expertise to help youth, particularly African American teens, succeed despite the negative circumstances and deficit thinking so prevalent in society. "Empowering Youth Now and For the Rest of Their Lives" is the mission statement that guides Mr. Roberts' efforts to work with young people throughout Chicago and beyond. Mr. Roberts earned his Bachelor's Degree from Chicago State University and his Master's Degree from National Louis University. He resides in the greater Chicago-land area with his beautiful wife Leslie and their son Gavin.  View Mr. Roberts's work at and

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Educator, inspirational speaker, author, and empowerment specialist Marsha Blackwell is the visionary of MDB Empowerment Enterprises.  She has devoted her life to empowering others, young and old to dream big and to live authentically.  Through the use of digital and  print media, MDB Empowerment Enterprises inspires and mobilizes others to pursue purpose and become the person God intended.   ​

A native of Chicago’s Westside, Darryl became interested in poetry during his senior year of high school. After graduating high school and enrolling at Northern Illinois University (NIU), Darryl majored in journalism and worked on his craft while writing articles and poetry for NIU newspapers. In 2003, Darryl self-published his debut manuscript, Loving A Black Woman, which received rave reviews in Sister 2 Sister magazine and other publications. In 2008, Darryl brought another aspect to his writing by publishing a children’s book series aimed at promoting self-esteem, education, sharing and positive family relationships entitled The Sunflower Series.  In 2009, Darryl recognized that there were many writers in the Chicago-land area like himself seeking to promote African-American literature and learn more about the business of publishing so he founded the  Chicago Black Authors Network. Mr. Harvey also has a Masters of Science degree in Human Service Administration.

Felicia Madlock is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whom professional career in social services span 20 plus years.    Ms. Madlock has worked with a various high risk population including children and families involved with DCFS, chronically mentally ill, and incarcerated individuals.  The totality of her professional and personal experiences have been interjected into her writing of poetry, short stories, and novel writing.   Ms. Madlock believes that inspiration breathe in everyday situations.

Ms. Madlock is the author of 5 dynamic books:   Back on the Block & Sins of the Father (novels), When Love Cries & Forever (books of poetry), and Selfish Raine (children story).  Her latest poetry book is entitled “Black’s Blues & Red’s Tears.”  Ms. Madlock is nthusiastically working on her third novel, and will be adding rich stories to her children’s tales.  

Bonnie Taylor - Williams

Marsha Blackwell

Valorie Tatum is a children's author with a book entitled "Rita Rabbit and the Runaway Pie," which tells the story of  three little rabbits who get into trouble when their mother, Rita Rabbit, bakes a delicious pie for dessert. Ms. Tatum holds a bachelor's degree from National Louis University's School of Education and as well as certification in pharmacology from Kennedy King College and a certification in magazine writing from the Institute of Children's Literature of West Redding, Conneticut.

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Tisha Starr is a Chicago based writer and social media manager who professes that her "love of the arts has a strong hold on my life." Since the arrival of social media, Tisha took a special interest in it; researching trends & consumer behaviors. She witnessed many people bypassing the publishing industry and its critics to pursue self-publishing. It proved to be very lucrative for some. It was then she decided to let go of her fear of rejection and released her first book titled, The Fear of Knowing. It was a success. With her social media skills and clever writing techniques, she set the internet ablaze. She released the follow-up, Now that You Know, 21 May 2016. Tisha Starr has a B.A. Degree in English Literature and is currently pursing her social media marketing certification. She is single, likes to travel, sing and spend quality time with family.

Bernard Turner is an author and historian who publishes books about Chicago history and culture at Highlights of Chicago Press. Books include A View of Bronzeville, and most recently, a children’s story co-authored with Michelle Duster, Tate and His Historic Dream, a 2015 finalist for the Phillis Wheatley Award.

Mr. Turner is a volunteer docent at the Chicago History Museum and a tour guide focusing on Chicago neighborhoods, Bronzeville in particular. Besides writing and giving tours Bernard chairs the educational curriculum committee for the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area Commission for the Great Migration Centennial commemoration. He is also a director on the board of the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation, which has as a goal of recreating a Union Camp barracks on the location of the camp to serve as a museum and interpretive center about the Civil War and Chicago history. You can contact Mr. Turner at 

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