From the age of 11, Habeeba B. Pasha grew up in group homes through New York State. She began writing poetry as a way to cope with the sadness and stress of living away from her family. After graduating high school, she enrolled in Morrisville State College where she joined the "Hank Gathers Players," a group of poets and writers who toured New York performing their work. She even got the chance to perform for the prestigious Howard University!  

               She transferred to Buffalo State College where after entering Graduate School , she would spend the night writing after studying and working several jobs to make ends meet. She even wrote her first novel, "Strangers Bond," a story about kids living in a group home bonding from their shared experiences.

           As the years passed, she continued to write, but after several rejection letters gave up the idea that her work would ever become published.  Years later and with the encouragement of her husband and father, she published parts of a story on Facebook which caught the eye of a close friend Jim Walton, who put her in contact with a published writer by the name C. Lynn Williams.   C. Lynn encouraged Habeeba to send her work to 220 Publishing and the rest is history. 


​       The story, The Love of Debbie La’treck, is about a young girl who loves to read. Her name is Debbie. Debbie's mother Vivian, has taught her how to read at a very young age with no restrictions on what she can read; however, Debbie's age is causing her to lose her grip on reality. She is now becoming the characters from her books. In her latest book, "Indiana," by George Sands, two cousins fall inlove. When Debbie's cousin Phillip comes to visit, she takes on the role of Indiana, falling in love with him; however, Philip has no idea that he is Debbie's love interest. The story is funny and unique. At times you feel for Vivian because she has got to get Debbie to face reality without taking away her passion for reading and at times your like, "No Debbie did not just say that!"

           The story is for all age ranges including adults. Habeeba even created a scene where after reading, "Othello," Debbie  wrote Vivian a letter, in Shakesperain language,  accusing her of being a '"Thief O' Hearts," because she will not let her marry her cousin. By the way Debbie is 11.     

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