A       Felicia Madlock is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whom professional career in social services span 20 plus years.   Ms. Madlock has worked with a various high risk population including children and families involved with DCFS, chronically mentally ill, and incarcerated individuals.  The totality of her professional and personal experiences have been interjected into her writing of poetry, short stories, and novel writing.   Ms. Madlock believes that inspiration breathe in everyday situations.

         Felicia is the author of 5 dynamic books:


        "Back on the Block" (novel)

         "Sins of the Father" (novel),

        "When Love Cries & Forever" (books of poetry), 

         "Selfish Raine "(children story), and

         "Black’s Blues & Red’s Tears.”  

      Ms. Madlock is enthusiastically working on her third novel, and will be adding rich stories to her children’s tales.  

​     To learn more about Ms. Madlock, email her at: felica.madlock@gmail.com