C. Lynn Williams believes parents can have great relationships with their children, as well as their own parents! She is a motivational speaker, family dynamics coach, author, MBA graduate, and mother of a blended family with four adult children. She has taught youth and adults and is interested in improving family dynamics through her books and workshops.
       Ms. Williams’ experiences as a parent and educator prompted her to write a series of books that offer parents guidance. She has written “Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen”, “The Pampered Prince: Moms Create a GREAT Relationship with Your Son” and “Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears and HORMONES!” Her fourth book “Yours & Mine: A Winning Blended Family Formula”, is designed to help couples with children from previous relationships, enjoy life as a blended family by avoiding the pitfalls. As a parent and a mentor, she finds that young people have lots of questions, want someone to listen to them, yet require rules and guidelines. She also champions the success of young women, believing that a loved and nurtured girl grows into a secure, self-assured woman.
     While today’s culture of social media and permissive parenting make it difficult to raise children. Ms. Williams believes it’s possible to #STAYSANE. Her books can be purchased on her website at
clynnwilliams.com and on Amazon.com.​