Bonnie Taylor- Williams, a twenty plus years cancer survivor, a professional third generation Hair Weev Technician, designer and instructor grew up learning the family business of beauty and Hair Weev. Bonnie learned how to hair loom, (hand weft) human hair for weeving at the age of ten. Bonnie immediately began her professional career at Selena’s House of Beauty & School of Hair Weev Technology’s- Chicago loop location.

           Bonnie had her own products, “E-Z Beautee Extraordinary Detangling Maintenance System” developed for the care of commercial and one’s own natural hair under her own company Beautee Inc.. She appeared in several trade magazines, ShopTalk, Salon Profiles, Elite, and was also included in the twenty sixth edition of “Who’s Who in the Midwest”.

          After decades in the hair industry, she is now doing what she has longed to d0, sharing her stories through writing. Bonnie Taylor- Williams is a Black Excellence Award winning author for non-fiction literature.


         You can reach Bonnie at or email her at